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STI Symptoms

Symptoms include the following:

Boys and men : you may have discharge from the penis, pain when you pee, pain in the testicles, blood in the sperm or urine, growths or sores on the penis or testicles.

Girls and women : you may have new discharge from the vagina, sores or growths on the vulva or vagina, pain when you have sex, bleeding in between your periods.

If you have any of these symptoms, we may have to do a more-detailed examination. We'll take some swabs and send them off to the lab and you'll usually get the results back a week later.

We can either phone you or you can come back in and see us. If it turns out that you do have an infection, we'll need to treat you and your partner too, as soon as possible.

Call us if you want to make an appointment on:

Lewes clinic - 01273 480888

Rye clinic - 01797 223333


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